WHO Collaborating Centre

The Center for Integration Science in Global Health Equity serves as the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre on Integration Science and Service Delivery. When the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization honored the Center with this designation in April 2023, the Center joined a global network of organizations supporting WHO initiatives.

As part of its WHO Collaborating Centre mandate, the Center for Integration Science provides technical support to WHO’s work in characterizing and classifying existing models of integrated care for noncommunicable diseases, collaborates with WHO in the integrated care of these diseases in selected countries, and shares best practices and lessons learned in the implementation of integrated care of these diseases. Center experts also draft concept notes and proposals that outline the scope of prospective joint research on identifying and characterizing existing models of integrated noncommunicable disease care and examine the sustainability and effectiveness of these models.

The WHO Collaborating Centre designation, which recognizes the Center’s global leadership in integration science, is slated to continue through April 2027.

“We’re honored that both the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization are recognizing our work,” said Gene Bukhman, MD, PhD, executive director of the Center for Integration Science. “We also appreciate the value they’re placing on integration science, a relatively new field that has tremendous potential for delivering care to the people who need it most, which is an essential ingredient in achieving global health equity.”