Protocol for a feasibility randomised control trial for continuous glucose monitoring in patients with type 1 diabetes at first-level hospitals in rural Malawi

Adler, A. J., Ruderman, T., Valeta, F., Drown, L., Trujillo, C., Ferrari, G., Msekandiana, A., Wroe, E., Kachimanga, C., Bukhman, G. & Park, P. H.

The majority of people living with type 1 diabetes (PLWT1D) struggle to access high-quality
care in low-income countries (LICs), and lack access to technologies, including continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), that are considered standard of care in high resource settings. To our knowledge, there are no studies in the literature describing the feasibility or effectiveness of CGM at rural first-level hospitals in LICs.This is a 3-month, 2:1open-randomised trial to assess the feasibility and clinical outcomes of introducing CGM to the entire population of 50 PLWT1D in two hospitals in rural Neno, Malawi.