Malawi PEN-Plus Operational Plan

Malawi Ministry of Health and Population, Malawi PEN-Plus Stakeholder Group, NCDI Poverty Network Co-Secretariat/Center for Integration Science, Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo/Partners In Health Malawi

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This operational plan was developed to guide scale-up and identify practical ways to implement PEN-Plus across the country. The plan draws from a large volume of stakeholder consultation across MOHP, clinical implementing partners, civil society, and other technical partners, building on the work of the NCDI Poverty Commission. The plan also draws from existing PEN-Plus experience in Malawi, including projects led by the MOHP with support from the World Diabetes Foundation and the Neno District MOHP team with support from Partners In Health and Helmsley Charitable Trust.

The PEN-Plus operational plan details the current situation for care for severe and complex chronic NCDs in Malawi. It then goes on to outline the model of care including the care continuum, staffing, interventions, training and mentorship, commodities, and M&E. We are confronted with critical next steps in governance, funding, human resource development, supply chain, and data systems, and we are confident that by building on existing systems and leveraging our substantial community of experts, advocates, academics, partners, and civil society we will make significant progress in addressing this critical burden of disease in Malawi.

National PEN-Plus implementation will require political will, partner engagement, funding, and a strong understanding of the NCDI burden we are addressing. The PEN-Plus consultation group is optimistic that together we can develop a pro-poor pathway in treating severe and chronic NCDs in Malawi, complementing existing NCD interventions within an inclusive agenda rooted in equity for a comprehensive NCD response in Malawi. This will help move us toward a brighter future for all present and future patients suffering from this wide array of conditions, ensuring no one is left behind.

Dr. Jones Masiye
Deputy Director of Clinical Services, NCDs & Mental Health
Malawi Ministry of Health & Population