Evaluating implementation of Diabetes Self-Management Education in Maryland County, Liberia: protocol for a pilot prospective cohort study

Trujillo, C., Ferrari, G., Ngoga, G., Mclaughlin, A., Davies, J., Tucker, A., Randolph, C., Cook, R., Park, P. H., Bukhman, G., Adler, A. J. & Pierre, J

Achieving glycaemic targets for people living with diabetes (PLWD) is challenging, especially in settings with limited resources. Programmes need to addressgaps in knowledge, skills and self-management. Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) is an evidence-based intervention to educate and empower PLWD to improve self-management activities. This protocol describes a pilot study assessing the feasibility, acceptability and effect on clinical outcomes of implementing DSME in clinics caring for people living with insulin-dependent diabetes in Liberia.