Burden of disease among the world’s poorest billion people: An expert-informed secondary analysis of Global Burden of Disease estimates

Coates, M. M., Ezzati, M., Robles Aguilar, G., Kwan, G. F., Vigo, D., Mocumbi, A. O., Becker, A. E., Makani, J., Hyder, A. A., Jain, Y., Stefan, D. C., Gupta, N., Marx, A. & Bukhman, G.

The health of populations living in extreme poverty has been a long-standing focus of global development efforts, and continues to be a priority during the Sustainable Development Goal era. However, there has not been a systematic attempt to quantify the magnitude and causes of the burden in this specific population for almost two decades. We estimated disease rates by cause for the world’s poorest billion and compared these rates to those in high-income populations.